K. Harrison Los Angeles, CA.

“More With Cal and Uncle Bill is more then a good first effort at writing a novel by a good short story writer. Rather, W. Jack Savage found a way to bring the strength of his short story telling to an engaging first person mystery set in the San Gabriel Valley of southern California. I never read sequels to anything but if Jack writes a continuation to More With Cal and Uncle Bill I’ll read it.”

State Champions

Haskell coach Will Durand is forced to use benchwarmers to finish out the regional basketball final. They pull off the biggest comeback in tournament history and the Bobcats earn a spot in the state tournament. But when the substitute star makes a disparaging remark during the post-game interview, the melee that follows results in three bitter starters and Coach Will Durand being suspended for the tournament. Assistant Coach Bill Henry takes the remaining nine players to the State Basketball Tournament and against all odds, wins the Championship. But Bill and Alice Henry are former protected witnesses and as their improbable story unfolds, small town intrigue envelops them. As the Bobcats prepare to defend their title, the Henry’s past has found them and the best efforts of friends, lovers and the combined forces of law enforcement are barely enough to avert disaster, but not enough to prevent change.

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