Doug McIntyre 790-KABC Radio, Los Angeles, CA.

“Jack Savage has written a wonderful collection of twelve very different, very human, short stories. Observant of the human condition, his flawed and damaged characters are real people with real problems. This is first rate fiction.”

Alexander Wells Pasadena Star News, Pasadena, CA.

“I really enjoyed reading this volume of stories. Jack Savage has a knack for delving into the inner life of his characters with vivid details, compelling inner narratives that draw the reader into interesting and occasionally weird places. He writes in a strong, unpretentious, vulnerable yet masculine tone, one that is well-suited to his subject matter. In most of the stories, ambiguity somehow comes to look like resolution. He builds his stories brick by brick, as it were, with carefully laden layers of detail that rise to thought-provoking and sometimes disturbing conclusions. Maybe in this befuddled world where narrative is so often suspect, this is what truth and morality really look like. Savage makes a pretty convincing case for it, at any rate.”