With his once brilliant mind failing him minute by minute, Bernard decides on a course of action. But as sits on a rock by the ocean he can’t remember what it was. He exchanges with a young woman walking her dog and glimpses of the life he led provide comfort for her and in so doing, leaves his only witness to the lonely goal he will pursue.

Published in the February, 2110 edition of The Sentinel Literary Quarterly

To Be Safe

As he slithers through the jungle to close width on a solitary enemy, he knows he is no different than the man he will kill. As he waits in the bush for others to inspect his carnage, a burning pain sears his leg forcing a preemptive strike. But there are too many. Too many.

Published in the February, 2110 edition of The Cynic Online Magazine


Jim the stranger and Harley sat nearly side by side at the counter at Sally’s in Nebraska. Had Molly the waitress not whispered Harley’s last name, a truth Jim held might have gone unspoken between them. Before the day would end, he’d share that truth with Harley’s family and they would share a final letter that would hold up a mirror to Jim he’d never looked into.

Published in the July, 2010 Dawn 2.

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