The Beginnings

He hadn’t thought he was lonely until that day she stopped him in the courtyard. But it was more than that and as the years rolled by, he would regret not a day with her and took pride in his assertion they could weather any storm. But what he had taken for lonely the day they met was something else and as she lived on, now he must too.

The Volchev File

Igor Volchev has spent 25-years in Labor Camps and the Soviet Gulag in Moscow for defending Soviet officers accused of atrocities committed during the Ukrainian independence rebellion. The story is horrific. The truth is as well but Igor’s path to redemption defies all probability as the ghosts of post war Europe conspire to right this wrong.


Published in Prole: Poetry and Prose, 2010 and seventeen other stories in publications such as Uncharted Frontier Zine, NAZAR Look, The Sentinel Literary Quarterly and Postcards, Poems and Prose