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Websites were things we could never imagine when I was growing up. Simply achieving the status of ‘grown-up’ was job enough in those days. When I look at that picture of myself in Vietnam I smile because by that time, I was beginning to consider myself grown up. After all, I had moved cross-country by myself, got a job and paid taxes. Then I enlisted and smoked and drank and loved my country. That I had done everything wrong to that point mattered less than the fact that I was getting away with it. Young Jack London was who I wanted to be and even if I lacked the toughness to truly emulate my hero, it’s been a by-product that’s served me well over the years. I’ve never been too afraid to run away and try to reinvent myself.

Perhaps I got into broadcasting knowing it was a career that would take me from town to town and in each place, new people, new adventures. But nobody, perhaps not even Jack London himself, makes these journeys completely alone. There were wonderful friends and lovers along the way: showing up when I needed them, leaving me when I needed that, too. Always propping me up until I could finally stand by myself. In my late thirties, my back to the wall again, I said goodbye to a woman I loved and rolled the dice one more time. I came up a winner and the woman followed me and became my wife.

When they were pigeon holing me at school I was told I was an artist and a pretty good writer. I remembered those things until I knew them to be true and returning to school in my forties found a joy in learning I was finally ready for. After getting my graduate degree, I taught college film studies for six years.They amount to seven books now: two short story collections, three novels, the autobiographical The High Sky of Winter’s Shadows and Imagination:The Art of W. Jack Savage.And so read on and if you find an ambition to letters yourself, don’t hesitate to email me for inspiration or a kick in the ass to get started. Remember, growing up was the hard part. Our stories have been in development since then.